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Something That Arouses Activity

In a previous communication I shared that…

… in order for good posture to ever become “something that mostly just HAPPENS” your pelvic core must, as a critical first step, be optimally aligned and actively engaging. The “impulse” that can make this happen is already inside of us all. Most of us just need to be reconnected to it.

Impulse is defined as “Something that arouses activity or action in someone or something.”

As it relates to your posture, we at Rayku Brands discovered that the “Something that arouses activity is a combination of pelvic alignment with a particular type of pelvic core engagement, that energizes (I prefer the word awakens) already existing mechanisms deep inside of you that can indeed make good posture and the benefits associated with it “just HAPPEN.” You can see this very real impulse being experienced by someone who has just used Hipsetter for the first time in the following video…

The gentleman in the video, a retired NFL football player and personal fitness trainer described what he was feeling as an “it?” He does not say I AM doing this or that with regard to his posture while walking. He says over and over “IT” is doing this or that. In other words “there is something inside of me that is now causing these posture related things to just HAPPEN.

This is the critical first step in the RBL Theory of posture correction. I believe it is very difficult to achieve your ideal posture if this step is missing.

The person in the video also describes the feeling as something energetic. He compares it to “hyped” feelings he would experience before the opening kickoff of a football game, which brings mind an alternate definition of impulse I am familiar with.

Impulse: a wave of excitation transmitted through tissues and especially nerve fibers and muscles that results in physiological activity

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