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When Muscles Go To Sleep

What happens when you muscles go to sleep?

Have you ever experienced your arm or leg “going to sleep”? You know that feeling that your arm or leg is there but it’s numb and it won’t. In otherwise healthy people it is associated with laying or sitting in the wrong position.

This fairly common condition causes you to temporarily lose both feeling and function in the affected limb mostly due to the fact that the signal between the brain and the limb is temporarily blocked. Something similar can happen in your deep core where the innermost parts of you that should initiate and support the creation of YOUR ideal posture(s) loses some of its functionality.

But there is one major difference. When one of your limbs falls asleep you are aware of it and thus can take immediate steps to remedy the situation. But if or when it happens along your postural network of tissues you are most likely to be unaware that it has occurred and so you do nothing to immediately correct it.

Within the Hipsetter community of purchasers this topic is discussed a bit more in depth. Here is an excerpt… “In this compromised state some of your tissues do not work in the way they should, becoming energetically weak or even dormant. Think of them as having become unplugged from their power source. Technically there is nothing wrong with these tissues, but they can’t do their job for lack of “energy.” The Hipsetter device provides the means by which we can basically plug back in.”

What does it look like when someone “wakes up” their innermost core?

See it here…

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